255. vhost 1023 ethports test plan

This test plan test function of launch vhost with 1023 ethports. Note: Because the value of MAX_FDS is 1024 and there is an extra gobal fd, the number of vdev is limit to 1023. So when vhost-user ports number > 1023, it will report an error “failed to add listen fd”.

255.1. Test Case1: Basic test for launch vhost with 1023 ethports

  1. SW preparation::

    build dpdk with ‘-Dmax_ethports=1024’

  2. Launch vhost with 1023 vdev:

    ./x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc/app/dpdk-testpmd -c 0x3000 -n 4 --file-prefix=vhost --vdev 'eth_vhost0,iface=vhost-net,queues=1' \
    --vdev 'eth_vhost1,iface=vhost-net1,queues=1' ... -- -i # only list two vdev, here ommit other 1021 vdevs, from eth_vhost2 to eth_vhost1022
  3. restore dpdk::

    build dpdk with ‘-Dmax_ethports=32’