258. Sample Application Tests: Basic Forwarding/Skeleton Application

The Basic Forwarding sample application is a simple skeleton example of a forwarding application.

It is intended as a demonstration of the basic components of a DPDK forwarding application. For more detailed implementations see the L2 and L3 forwarding sample applications.

258.1. Running the Application

To run the example in a linux environment:

./build/basicfwd -c 2 -n 4

Refer to DPDK Getting Started Guide for general information on running applications and the Environment Abstraction Layer (EAL) options.

258.2. Test case: skeleton


./examples/skeleton/build/basicfwd -c 2 -n 4

waked up:

Core X forwarding packets.

Send one packet from port0, check the received packet on port1. It should receive the packet sent from port0.