5. Coremask Tests

5.1. Prerequisites

This test will run in any machine able to run test. No traffic will be sent. No extra needs for ports.

5.2. Test Case: individual coremask

Launch test once per core, set the core mask for the core:

./x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc/app/test -c <One core mask> -n 4

Verify: every time the application is launched the core is properly detected and used.

Stop test.

5.3. Test Case: big coremask

Launch test with a mask bigger than the available cores:

./x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc/app/test -c <128 bits mask> -n 4

Verify: the application handles the mask properly and all the available cores are detected and used.

Stop test.

5.4. Test Case: all cores

Launch test with all the available cores:

./x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc/app/test -c <All cores mask> -n 4

Verify: all the cores have been detected and used by the application.

Stop test.

5.5. Test Case: wrong coremask

Launch test with several wrong masks:

./x86_64-default-linuxapp-gcc/app/test -c <Wrong mask> -n 4

Verify: the application complains about the mask and does not start.

Stop test.