184. Power Lib Telemetry Test Plan

Three types of data will be reported by DPDK telemetry lib in l3fwd-power sample. + {“empty_poll”}, + {“full_poll”}, + {“busy_percent”}

184.1. Preparation Work for Settings

  1. Turn on Speedstep option in BIOS

  2. Turn on CPU C3 and C6

  3. Turn on Turbo in BIOS

  4. Disable intel_pstate in Linux kernel command:

  5. Let user space can control the CPU frequency:

    cpupower frequency-set -g userspace

Compile DPDK with telemetry enabled, enable telemetry lib in configuration file:


184.3. Test Case 2 : Check busy_percent with different injected throughput

  1. Using step1~3 in test case 1.
  2. Inject packets with line rate with 64 bit frame size, check the busy_percent returned, it should be no-zero number.
  3. Stop the injected packet stream, check the busy_percent returned, it should be 0.