64. Firmware Version Test

The Firmware Version Test checks the firmware version from the device info and compares to the firmware version defined by user. This test case is driver restricted since each driver will have different version format.

64.1. Prerequisites

If using vfio the kernel must be >= 3.6+ and VT-d must be enabled in bios.When using vfio, use the following commands to load the vfio driver and bind it to the device under test:

modprobe vfio
modprobe vfio-pci
usertools/dpdk-devbind.py --bind=vfio-pci device_bus_id

Assuming that ports are up and working, then launch the testpmd application with the following arguments:

./build/app/dpdk-testpmd -- -i --portmask=0x3

Ensure the `firmware_version.cfg` file have the correct name and firmware version.

64.2. Test Case : Firmware Version Test

  1. Use testpmd to show the port info that contained the firmware version:

    testpmd> show port info <PORT_ID>
  2. Compares the outputted firmware version with the firmware version listed in the

    `firmware_version.cfg` file. Different driver will have different version format. Currently support: i40e, mlx5, bnxt

    Example below: {‘i40e’ : [‘5.01’, ‘0x80002341’, ‘1.1.1’]} {‘mlx5’ : [‘12.14.3462’, ‘MT_2416545656’]} {‘bnxt’ : [‘’, ‘’]}

  3. Verifies they matches.