47. OCTEON TX EP Poll Mode driver

The OCTEON TX EP ETHDEV PMD (librte_pmd_octeon_ep) provides poll mode ethdev driver support for the virtual functions (VF) of Marvell OCTEON 9 and Cavium OCTEON families of adapters in SR-IOV context.

More information can be found at Marvell Official Website.

47.1. Runtime Config Options

  • Rx & Tx ISM memory accesses enable (default 0)

    The PMD supports two modes for checking Rx & Tx packet count, PMD may read the packet count directly from hardware registers or it may read from ISM memory, this may be selected at runtime using ism_enable devargs parameter. Performance is higher for bigger size packets with default value (ism_enable=0). Use this runtime option to enable ISM memory accesses to get better performance for lower size packets.

    For example:

    -a 0002:02:00.0,ism_enable=1

47.2. Prerequisites

This driver relies on external kernel PF driver for resources allocations and initialization. The following dependencies are not part of DPDK and must be installed separately:

  • Kernel module This module, octeon_drv, drives the physical function, initializes hardware, allocates resources such as number of VFs, input/output queues for itself and the number of i/o queues each VF can use.

See Marvell cnxk platform guide for SDP interface information which provides PCIe endpoint support for a remote host.