20. HINIC Poll Mode Driver

The hinic PMD (librte_net_hinic) provides poll mode driver support for 25Gbps Huawei Intelligent PCIE Network Adapters based on the Huawei Ethernet Controller Hi1822.

20.1. Features

  • Multi arch support: x86_64, ARMv8.

  • Multiple queues for TX and RX

  • Receiver Side Scaling (RSS)

  • MAC/VLAN filtering

  • Checksum offload

  • TSO offload

  • Promiscuous mode

  • Port hardware statistics

  • Link state information

  • Link flow control

  • Scattered and gather for TX and RX

  • SR-IOV - Partially supported at this point, VFIO only

  • VLAN filter and VLAN offload

  • Allmulticast mode

  • MTU update

  • Unicast MAC filter

  • Multicast MAC filter

  • Flow API

  • Set Link down or up

  • FW version

  • LRO

20.2. Prerequisites

20.3. Driver compilation and testing

Refer to the document compiling and testing a PMD for a NIC for details.

20.4. Limitations or Known issues

Build with ICC is not supported yet. X86-32, Power8, ARMv7 and BSD are not supported yet.