23. MRVL Poll Mode Driver

The MRVL PMD (librte_pmd_mrvl) provides poll mode driver support for the Marvell PPv2 (Packet Processor v2) 1/10 Gbps adapter.

Detailed information about SoCs that use PPv2 can be obtained here:


Due to external dependencies, this driver is disabled by default. It must be enabled manually by setting relevant configuration option manually. Please refer to Config File Options section for further details.

23.1. Features

Features of the MRVL PMD are:

  • Speed capabilities
  • Link status
  • Queue start/stop
  • MTU update
  • Jumbo frame
  • Promiscuous mode
  • Allmulticast mode
  • Unicast MAC filter
  • Multicast MAC filter
  • RSS hash
  • VLAN filter
  • CRC offload
  • L3 checksum offload
  • L4 checksum offload
  • Packet type parsing
  • Basic stats
  • QoS

23.2. Limitations

  • Number of lcores is limited to 9 by MUSDK internal design. If more lcores need to be allocated, locking will have to be considered. Number of available lcores can be changed via MRVL_MUSDK_HIFS_RESERVED define in mrvl_ethdev.c source file.
  • Flushing vlans added for filtering is not possible due to MUSDK missing functionality. Current workaround is to reset board so that PPv2 has a chance to start in a sane state.

23.3. Prerequisites

  • Custom Linux Kernel sources

    git clone https://github.com/MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/linux-marvell.git -b linux-4.4.52-armada-17.10
  • Out of tree mvpp2x_sysfs kernel module sources

    git clone https://github.com/MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/mvpp2x-marvell.git -b mvpp2x-armada-17.10
  • MUSDK (Marvell User-Space SDK) sources

    git clone https://github.com/MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/musdk-marvell.git -b musdk-armada-17.10

    MUSDK is a light-weight library that provides direct access to Marvell’s PPv2 (Packet Processor v2). Alternatively prebuilt MUSDK library can be requested from Marvell Extranet. Once approval has been granted, library can be found by typing musdk in the search box.

    MUSDK must be configured with the following features:

  • DPDK environment

    Follow the DPDK Getting Started Guide for Linux to setup DPDK environment.

23.4. Config File Options

The following options can be modified in the config file.


    Toggle compilation of the librte_pmd_mrvl driver.

23.5. QoS Configuration

QoS configuration is done through external configuration file. Path to the file must be given as cfg in driver’s vdev parameter list.

23.5.1. Configuration syntax

[port <portnum> default]
default_tc = <default_tc>
mapping_priority = <mapping_priority>

[port <portnum> tc <traffic_class>]
rxq = <rx_queue_list>
pcp = <pcp_list>
dscp = <dscp_list>

[port <portnum> tc <traffic_class>]
rxq = <rx_queue_list>
pcp = <pcp_list>
dscp = <dscp_list>


  • <portnum>: DPDK Port number (0..n).
  • <default_tc>: Default traffic class (e.g. 0)
  • <mapping_priority>: QoS priority for mapping (ip, vlan, ip/vlan or vlan/ip).
  • <traffic_class>: Traffic Class to be configured.
  • <rx_queue_list>: List of DPDK RX queues (e.g. 0 1 3-4)
  • <pcp_list>: List of PCP values to handle in particular TC (e.g. 0 1 3-4 7).
  • <dscp_list>: List of DSCP values to handle in particular TC (e.g. 0-12 32-48 63).

Setting PCP/DSCP values for the default TC is not required. All PCP/DSCP values not assigned explicitly to particular TC will be handled by the default TC. Configuration file example

[port 0 default]
default_tc = 0
qos_mode = ip

[port 0 tc 0]
rxq = 0 1

[port 0 tc 1]
rxq = 2
pcp = 5 6 7
dscp = 26-38

[port 1 default]
default_tc = 0
qos_mode = vlan/ip

[port 1 tc 0]
rxq = 0

[port 1 tc 1]
rxq = 1 2
pcp = 5 6 7
dscp = 26-38 Usage example

./testpmd --vdev=eth_mrvl,iface=eth0,iface=eth2,cfg=/home/user/mrvl.conf \
  -c 7 -- -i -a --rxq=2

23.6. Building DPDK

Driver needs precompiled MUSDK library during compilation.

export CROSS_COMPILE=<toolchain>/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-
./configure --host=aarch64-linux-gnu --enable-bpool-dma=64
make install

MUSDK will be installed to usr/local under current directory. For the detailed build instructions please consult doc/musdk_get_started.txt.

Before the DPDK build process the environmental variable LIBMUSDK_PATH with the path to the MUSDK installation directory needs to be exported.

export LIBMUSDK_PATH=<musdk>/usr/local
export CROSS=aarch64-linux-gnu-
make config T=arm64-armv8a-linuxapp-gcc
sed -ri 's,(MRVL_PMD=)n,\1y,' build/.config

23.7. Usage Example

MRVL PMD requires extra out of tree kernel modules to function properly. musdk_uio and mv_pp_uio sources are part of the MUSDK. Please consult doc/musdk_get_started.txt for the detailed build instructions. For mvpp2x_sysfs please consult Documentation/pp22_sysfs.txt for the detailed build instructions.

insmod musdk_uio.ko
insmod mv_pp_uio.ko
insmod mvpp2x_sysfs.ko

Additionally interfaces used by DPDK application need to be put up:

ip link set eth0 up
ip link set eth2 up

In order to run testpmd example application following command can be used:

./testpmd --vdev=eth_mrvl,iface=eth0,iface=eth2 -c 7 -- \
  --burst=128 --txd=2048 --rxd=1024 --rxq=2 --txq=2  --nb-cores=2 \
  -i -a --rss-udp