DPDK  22.11.5
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rte_mempool_objhdr Struct Reference

#include <rte_mempool.h>

Public Member Functions

 RTE_STAILQ_ENTRY (rte_mempool_objhdr) next

Data Fields

struct rte_mempoolmp
rte_iova_t iova

Detailed Description

Mempool object header structure

Each object stored in mempools are prefixed by this header structure, it allows to retrieve the mempool pointer from the object and to iterate on all objects attached to a mempool. When debug is enabled, a cookie is also added in this structure preventing corruptions and double-frees.

Definition at line 150 of file rte_mempool.h.

Member Function Documentation


RTE_STAILQ_ENTRY ( rte_mempool_objhdr  )

Next in list.

Field Documentation

◆ mp

struct rte_mempool* mp

The mempool owning the object.

Definition at line 152 of file rte_mempool.h.

◆ iova

rte_iova_t iova

IO address of the object.

Definition at line 153 of file rte_mempool.h.

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