DPDK  22.07.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_fdir_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_ethdev.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_fdir_mode mode
enum rte_eth_fdir_pballoc_type pballoc
enum rte_fdir_status_mode status
uint8_t drop_queue
struct rte_eth_fdir_flex_conf flex_conf

Detailed Description

A structure used to configure the Flow Director (FDIR) feature of an Ethernet port.

If mode is RTE_FDIR_MODE_NONE, the pballoc value is ignored.

Definition at line 1525 of file rte_ethdev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mode

enum rte_fdir_mode mode

Flow Director mode.

Definition at line 1526 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ pballoc

Space for FDIR filters.

Definition at line 1527 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ status

enum rte_fdir_status_mode status

How to report FDIR hash.

Definition at line 1528 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ drop_queue

uint8_t drop_queue

Rx queue of packets matching a "drop" filter in perfect mode.

Definition at line 1530 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ flex_conf

struct rte_eth_fdir_flex_conf flex_conf

Flex payload configuration.

Definition at line 1533 of file rte_ethdev.h.

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