DPDK  21.08.0
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rte_event_vector Struct Reference

#include <rte_eventdev.h>

Public Member Functions

union {
__rte_aligned (16)

Data Fields

uint16_t nb_elem
uint16_t rsvd: 15
uint16_t attr_valid: 1
union {
uint64_t impl_opaque

Detailed Description

Event vector structure.

Definition at line 921 of file rte_eventdev.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ __rte_aligned()

union rte_event_vector::@216 __rte_aligned ( 16  )

Start of the vector array union. Depending upon the event type the vector array can be an array of mbufs or pointers or opaque u64 values.

Field Documentation

◆ nb_elem

uint16_t nb_elem

Number of elements in this event vector.

Definition at line 922 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ rsvd

uint16_t rsvd

Reserved for future use

Definition at line 924 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ attr_valid

uint16_t attr_valid

Indicates that the below union attributes have valid information.

Definition at line 926 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ @215

union { ... }

Union to hold common attributes of the vector array.

◆ impl_opaque

uint64_t impl_opaque

Implementation specific opaque value. An implementation may use this field to hold implementation specific value to share between dequeue and enqueue operation. The application should not modify this field.

Definition at line 946 of file rte_eventdev.h.

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