DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_event_eth_rx_adapter_queue_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t rx_queue_flags
uint16_t servicing_weight
struct rte_event ev

Detailed Description

Rx queue configuration structure

examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_generic.c, examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_tx.c, examples/ipsec-secgw/event_helper.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_generic.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_internal_port.c, examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_generic.c, and examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_internal_port.c.

Definition at line 141 of file rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t rx_queue_flags

Flags for handling received packets

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Definition at line 142 of file rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h.

uint16_t servicing_weight

Relative polling frequency of ethernet receive queue when the adapter uses a service core function for ethernet to event device transfers. If it is set to zero, the Rx queue is interrupt driven (unless rx queue interrupts are not enabled for the ethernet device).

Definition at line 146 of file rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h.

struct rte_event ev

The values from the following event fields will be used when queuing mbuf events:

  • event_queue_id: Targeted event queue ID for received packets.
  • event_priority: Event priority of packets from this Rx queue in the event queue relative to other events.
  • sched_type: Scheduling type for packets from this Rx queue.
  • flow_id: If the RTE_ETH_RX_EVENT_ADAPTER_QUEUE_FLOW_ID_VALID bit is set in rx_queue_flags, this flow_id is used for all packets received from this queue. Otherwise the flow ID is set to the RSS hash of the src and dst IPv4/6 addresses.

The event adapter sets ev.event_type to RTE_EVENT_TYPE_ETHDEV in the enqueued event.


Definition at line 153 of file rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h.

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