DPDK  20.11.10
Data Fields
rte_event_dev_info Struct Reference

#include <rte_eventdev.h>

Data Fields

const char * driver_name
struct rte_devicedev
uint32_t min_dequeue_timeout_ns
uint32_t max_dequeue_timeout_ns
uint32_t dequeue_timeout_ns
uint8_t max_event_queues
uint32_t max_event_queue_flows
uint8_t max_event_queue_priority_levels
uint8_t max_event_priority_levels
uint8_t max_event_ports
uint8_t max_event_port_dequeue_depth
uint32_t max_event_port_enqueue_depth
uint8_t max_event_port_links
int32_t max_num_events
uint32_t event_dev_cap
uint8_t max_single_link_event_port_queue_pairs

Detailed Description

Event device information

examples/eventdev_pipeline/main.c, examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_generic.c, examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_tx.c, examples/ipsec-secgw/event_helper.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_generic.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_internal_port.c, examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_generic.c, examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_internal_port.c, and examples/l3fwd/main.c.

Definition at line 356 of file rte_eventdev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ driver_name

const char* driver_name

◆ dev

struct rte_device* dev

Device information


Definition at line 358 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ min_dequeue_timeout_ns

uint32_t min_dequeue_timeout_ns

Minimum supported global dequeue timeout(ns) by this device

Definition at line 359 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ max_dequeue_timeout_ns

uint32_t max_dequeue_timeout_ns

Maximum supported global dequeue timeout(ns) by this device

Definition at line 361 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ dequeue_timeout_ns

uint32_t dequeue_timeout_ns

Configured global dequeue timeout(ns) for this device

Definition at line 363 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ max_event_queues

uint8_t max_event_queues

◆ max_event_queue_flows

uint32_t max_event_queue_flows

◆ max_event_queue_priority_levels

uint8_t max_event_queue_priority_levels

Maximum number of event queue priority levels by this device. Valid when the device has RTE_EVENT_DEV_CAP_QUEUE_QOS capability

Definition at line 369 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ max_event_priority_levels

uint8_t max_event_priority_levels

Maximum number of event priority levels by this device. Valid when the device has RTE_EVENT_DEV_CAP_EVENT_QOS capability

Definition at line 373 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ max_event_ports

uint8_t max_event_ports

◆ max_event_port_dequeue_depth

uint8_t max_event_port_dequeue_depth

◆ max_event_port_enqueue_depth

uint32_t max_event_port_enqueue_depth

◆ max_event_port_links

uint8_t max_event_port_links

Maximum number of queues that can be linked to a single event port by this device.

Definition at line 389 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ max_num_events

int32_t max_num_events

A closed system event dev has a limit on the number of events it can manage at a time. An open system event dev does not have a limit and will specify this as -1.

examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_generic.c, examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_tx.c, examples/ipsec-secgw/event_helper.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_generic.c, examples/l2fwd-event/l2fwd_event_internal_port.c, examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_generic.c, and examples/l3fwd/l3fwd_event_internal_port.c.

Definition at line 393 of file rte_eventdev.h.

◆ event_dev_cap

uint32_t event_dev_cap

◆ max_single_link_event_port_queue_pairs

uint8_t max_single_link_event_port_queue_pairs

Maximum number of event ports and queues that are optimized for (and only capable of) single-link configurations supported by this device. These ports and queues are not accounted for in max_event_ports or max_event_queues.

Definition at line 400 of file rte_eventdev.h.

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