DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
virtio_net Struct Reference

#include <rte_virtio_net.h>

Data Fields

struct vhost_virtqueuevirtqueue [VIRTIO_QNUM]
struct virtio_memorymem
uint64_t features
uint64_t device_fh
uint32_t flags
char ifname [IF_NAME_SZ]
void * priv

Detailed Description

Device structure contains all configuration information relating to the device.

Field Documentation

uint64_t device_fh

device identifier.

uint64_t features

Negotiated feature set.

uint32_t flags

Device flags. Only used to check if device is running on data core.

char ifname[IF_NAME_SZ]

Name of the tap device or socket path.

struct virtio_memory* mem

QEMU memory and memory region information.

void* priv

private context

struct vhost_virtqueue* virtqueue[VIRTIO_QNUM]

Contains all virtqueue information.

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