DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
vhost_virtqueue Struct Reference

#include <rte_virtio_net.h>

Data Fields

struct vring_desc * desc
struct vring_avail * avail
struct vring_used * used
uint32_t size
uint32_t backend
uint16_t vhost_hlen
volatile uint16_t last_used_idx
volatile uint16_t last_used_idx_res
eventfd_t callfd
eventfd_t kickfd
struct buf_vector buf_vec [BUF_VECTOR_MAX]

Detailed Description

Structure contains variables relevant to RX/TX virtqueues.

Field Documentation

struct vring_avail* avail

Virtqueue available ring.

uint32_t backend

Backend value to determine if device should started/stopped.

struct buf_vector buf_vec[BUF_VECTOR_MAX]

for scatter RX.

eventfd_t callfd

Used to notify the guest (trigger interrupt).

struct vring_desc* desc

Virtqueue descriptor ring.

eventfd_t kickfd

Currently unused as polling mode is enabled.

volatile uint16_t last_used_idx

Last index used on the available ring

volatile uint16_t last_used_idx_res

Used for multiple devices reserving buffers.

uint32_t size

Size of descriptor ring.

struct vring_used* used

Virtqueue used ring.

uint16_t vhost_hlen

Vhost header length (varies depending on RX merge buffers.

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