DPDK  17.11.10
rte_string_fns.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

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int rte_strsplit (char *string, int stringlen, char **tokens, int maxtokens, char delim)

Detailed Description

String-related functions as replacement for libc equivalents

Definition in file rte_string_fns.h.

Function Documentation

int rte_strsplit ( char *  string,
int  stringlen,
char **  tokens,
int  maxtokens,
char  delim 

Takes string "string" parameter and splits it at character "delim" up to maxtokens-1 times - to give "maxtokens" resulting tokens. Like strtok or strsep functions, this modifies its input string, by replacing instances of "delim" with '\0'. All resultant tokens are returned in the "tokens" array which must have enough entries to hold "maxtokens".

stringThe input string to be split into tokens
stringlenThe max length of the input buffer
tokensThe array to hold the pointers to the tokens in the string
maxtokensThe number of elements in the tokens array. At most, maxtokens-1 splits of the string will be done.
delimThe character on which the split of the data will be done
The number of tokens in the tokens array.
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