DPDK  24.03.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_ethdev.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_eth_fc_mode mode
uint16_t tx_qid
uint8_t tc
uint16_t pause_time
uint16_t rx_qid

Detailed Description

EXPERIMENTAL: this API may change, or be removed, without prior notice

A structure used to configure Ethernet priority flow control parameters for ethdev queues.

rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::rx_pause structure shall be used to configure given tx_qid with corresponding tc. When ethdev device receives PFC frame with rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::rx_pause::tc, traffic will be paused on rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::rx_pause::tx_qid for that tc.

rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::tx_pause structure shall be used to configure given rx_qid. When rx_qid is congested, PFC frames are generated with rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::rx_pause::tc and rte_eth_pfc_queue_conf::rx_pause::pause_time to the peer.

Definition at line 1415 of file rte_ethdev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mode

enum rte_eth_fc_mode mode

Link flow control mode

Definition at line 1416 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ tx_qid

uint16_t tx_qid

Tx queue ID

Definition at line 1419 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ tc

uint8_t tc

Traffic class as per PFC (802.1Qbb) spec. The value must be in the range [0, rte_eth_pfc_queue_info::tx_max - 1]

Definition at line 1423 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ pause_time

uint16_t pause_time

Pause quota in the Pause frame

Definition at line 1427 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ rx_qid

uint16_t rx_qid

Rx queue ID

Definition at line 1428 of file rte_ethdev.h.

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