52. TXGBE Poll Mode Driver

The TXGBE PMD (librte_pmd_txgbe) provides poll mode driver support for Wangxun 10 Gigabit Ethernet NICs.

52.1. Features

  • Multiple queues for TX and RX
  • Receiver Side Scaling (RSS)
  • MAC/VLAN filtering
  • Packet type information
  • Checksum offload
  • VLAN/QinQ stripping and inserting
  • TSO offload
  • Promiscuous mode
  • Multicast mode
  • Port hardware statistics
  • Jumbo frames
  • Link state information
  • Link flow control
  • Interrupt mode for RX
  • Scattered and gather for TX and RX
  • DCB
  • IEEE 1588
  • FW version
  • LRO

52.2. Prerequisites

52.3. Pre-Installation Configuration

52.3.1. Build Options

The following build-time options may be enabled on build time using.

-Dc_args= meson argument (e.g. -Dc_args=-DRTE_LIBRTE_TXGBE_DEBUG_RX).

Please note that enabling debugging options may affect system performance.

  • RTE_LIBRTE_TXGBE_DEBUG_RX (undefined by default)

    Toggle display of receive fast path run-time messages.

  • RTE_LIBRTE_TXGBE_DEBUG_TX (undefined by default)

    Toggle display of transmit fast path run-time messages.

  • RTE_LIBRTE_TXGBE_DEBUG_TX_FREE (undefined by default)

    Toggle display of transmit descriptor clean messages.

52.3.2. Dynamic Logging Parameters

One may leverage EAL option “–log-level” to change default levels for the log types supported by the driver. The option is used with an argument typically consisting of two parts separated by a colon.

TXGBE PMD provides the following log types available for control:

  • pmd.net.txgbe.driver (default level is notice)

    Affects driver-wide messages unrelated to any particular devices.

  • pmd.net.txgbe.init (default level is notice)

    Extra logging of the messages during PMD initialization.

52.4. Driver compilation and testing

Refer to the document compiling and testing a PMD for a NIC for details.

52.5. Limitations or Known issues

Build with ICC is not supported yet. Power8, ARMv7 and BSD are not supported yet.