22. HNS3 Poll Mode Driver

The hns3 PMD (librte_net_hns3) provides poll mode driver support for the inbuilt HiSilicon Network Subsystem(HNS) network engine found in the HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 SoC.

22.1. Features

Features of the HNS3 PMD are:

  • Multiple queues for TX and RX
  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
  • Packet type information
  • Checksum offload
  • TSO offload
  • LRO offload
  • Promiscuous mode
  • Multicast mode
  • Port hardware statistics
  • Jumbo frames
  • Link state information
  • Interrupt mode for RX
  • VLAN stripping and inserting
  • QinQ inserting
  • DCB
  • Scattered and gather for TX and RX
  • Vector Poll mode driver
  • Multi-process
  • MAC/VLAN filter
  • MTU update
  • NUMA support
  • Generic flow API

22.2. Prerequisites

22.3. Driver compilation and testing

Refer to the document compiling and testing a PMD for a NIC for details.

22.4. Limitations or Known issues

Currently, we only support VF device is bound to vfio_pci or igb_uio and then driven by DPDK driver when PF is driven by kernel mode hns3 ethdev driver, VF is not supported when PF is driven by DPDK driver.

Build with ICC is not supported yet. X86-32, Power8, ARMv7 and BSD are not supported yet.