DPDK  22.11.0-rc4
Data Fields
rte_flow_item_flex_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_flow.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_flow_item_flex_tunnel_mode tunnel
struct rte_flow_item_flex_field next_header
struct rte_flow_item_flex_field next_protocol
struct rte_flow_item_flex_fieldsample_data
uint32_t nb_samples
struct rte_flow_item_flex_linkinput_link
uint32_t nb_inputs
struct rte_flow_item_flex_linkoutput_link
uint32_t nb_outputs

Detailed Description

EXPERIMENTAL: this structure may change without prior notice

Definition at line 2044 of file rte_flow.h.

Field Documentation

◆ tunnel

Specifies the flex item and tunnel relations and tells the PMD whether flex item can be used for inner, outer or both headers, or whether flex item presents the tunnel protocol itself.

Definition at line 2050 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ next_header

struct rte_flow_item_flex_field next_header

The next header offset, it presents the network header size covered by the flex item and can be obtained with all supported offset calculating methods (fixed, dedicated field, bitmask, etc).

Definition at line 2056 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ next_protocol

struct rte_flow_item_flex_field next_protocol

Specifies the next protocol field to match with link next protocol values and continue packet parsing with matching link.

Definition at line 2061 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ sample_data

struct rte_flow_item_flex_field* sample_data

The fields will be sampled and presented for explicit match with pattern in the rte_flow_flex_item. There can be multiple fields descriptors, the number should be specified by nb_samples.

Definition at line 2067 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ nb_samples

uint32_t nb_samples

Number of field descriptors in the sample_data array.

Definition at line 2069 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ input_link

struct rte_flow_item_flex_link* input_link

Input link defines the flex item relation with preceding header. It specified the preceding item type and provides pattern to match. The flex item will continue parsing and will provide the data to flow match in case if there is the match with one of input links.

Definition at line 2077 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ nb_inputs

uint32_t nb_inputs

Number of link descriptors in the input link array.

Definition at line 2079 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ output_link

struct rte_flow_item_flex_link* output_link

Output link defines the next protocol field value to match and the following protocol header to continue packet parsing. Also defines the tunnel-related behaviour.

Definition at line 2085 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ nb_outputs

uint32_t nb_outputs

Number of link descriptors in the output link array.

Definition at line 2087 of file rte_flow.h.

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