DPDK  22.11.0
Data Fields
rte_flow_item_eth Struct Reference

#include <rte_flow.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t has_vlan:1
uint32_t reserved:31
struct rte_ether_addr dst
struct rte_ether_addr src
rte_be16_t type

Detailed Description


Matches an Ethernet header.

Inside hdr field, the sub-field ether_type stands either for EtherType or TPID, depending on whether the item is followed by a VLAN item or not. If two VLAN items follow, the sub-field refers to the outer one, which, in turn, contains the inner TPID in the similar header field. The innermost VLAN item contains a layer-3 EtherType. All of that follows the order seen on the wire.

If the field in question contains a TPID value, only tagged packets with the specified TPID will match the pattern. Alternatively, it's possible to match any type of tagged packets by means of the field has_vlan rather than use the EtherType/TPID field. Also, it's possible to leave the two fields unused. If this is the case, both tagged and untagged packets will match the pattern.

Definition at line 757 of file rte_flow.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dst

struct rte_ether_addr dst

Destination MAC.

Definition at line 764 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ src

struct rte_ether_addr src

Source MAC.

Definition at line 765 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ type

rte_be16_t type

EtherType or TPID.

Definition at line 766 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ has_vlan

uint32_t has_vlan

Packet header contains at least one VLAN.

Definition at line 770 of file rte_flow.h.

◆ reserved

uint32_t reserved

Reserved, must be zero.

Definition at line 771 of file rte_flow.h.

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