DPDK  24.07.0-rc2
Data Fields
rte_eth_fdir_stats Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_ctrl.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t collision
uint32_t free
uint32_t maxhash
uint32_t maxlen
uint64_t add
uint64_t remove
uint64_t f_add
uint64_t f_remove
uint32_t guarant_cnt
uint32_t best_cnt

Detailed Description

A structure used to define the statistics of flow director. It supports RTE_ETH_FILTER_FDIR with RTE_ETH_FILTER_STATS operation.

Definition at line 475 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

Field Documentation

◆ collision

uint32_t collision

Number of filters with collision.

Definition at line 476 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ free

uint32_t free

Number of free filters.

Definition at line 477 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ maxhash

uint32_t maxhash

The lookup hash value of the added filter that updated the value of the MAXLEN field

Definition at line 478 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ maxlen

uint32_t maxlen

Longest linked list of filters.

Definition at line 481 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ add

uint64_t add

Number of added filters.

Definition at line 482 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ remove

uint64_t remove

Number of removed filters.

Definition at line 483 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ f_add

uint64_t f_add

Number of failed added filters.

Definition at line 484 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ f_remove

uint64_t f_remove

Number of failed removed filters.

Definition at line 485 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ guarant_cnt

uint32_t guarant_cnt

Number of filters in guaranteed spaces.

Definition at line 486 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

◆ best_cnt

uint32_t best_cnt

Number of filters in best effort spaces.

Definition at line 487 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

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