DPDK  24.07.0-rc3
rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>

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__rte_experimental void * rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_qptr_get (uint8_t dev_id, uint16_t qp_id)
__rte_experimental void rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_submit (void *qptr, void *inst, uint16_t nb_inst)

Detailed Description

Marvell CNXK Crypto PMD specific functions.

Definition in file rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto.h.

Function Documentation

◆ rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_qptr_get()

__rte_experimental void* rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_qptr_get ( uint8_t  dev_id,
uint16_t  qp_id 

Get queue pointer of a specific queue in a cryptodev.

dev_idDevice identifier of cryptodev device.
qp_idIndex of the queue pair.
Pointer to queue pair structure that would be the input to submit APIs.

◆ rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_submit()

__rte_experimental void rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_submit ( void *  qptr,
void *  inst,
uint16_t  nb_inst 

Submit CPT instruction (cpt_inst_s) to hardware (CPT).

The qp is a pointer obtained from rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_qp_get. Application should make sure it doesn't overflow the internal hardware queues. It may do so by making sure the inflight packets are not more than the number of descriptors configured.

This API may be called only after the cryptodev and queue pair is configured and is started.

qptrPointer obtained with rte_pmd_cnxk_crypto_qptr_get.
instPointer to an array of instructions prepared by application.
nb_instNumber of instructions.