DPDK  22.07.0
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rte_device Struct Reference

#include <rte_dev.h>

Public Member Functions

 RTE_TAILQ_ENTRY (rte_device) next

Data Fields

const char * name
const struct rte_driverdriver
const struct rte_busbus
int numa_node
struct rte_devargsdevargs

Detailed Description

A structure describing a generic device.


Definition at line 85 of file rte_dev.h.

Member Function Documentation


RTE_TAILQ_ENTRY ( rte_device  )

Next device

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* name

◆ driver

const struct rte_driver* driver

Driver assigned after probing

Definition at line 88 of file rte_dev.h.

◆ bus

const struct rte_bus* bus

Bus handle assigned on scan

Definition at line 89 of file rte_dev.h.

◆ numa_node

int numa_node

NUMA node connection

Definition at line 90 of file rte_dev.h.

◆ devargs

struct rte_devargs* devargs

Arguments for latest probing

Definition at line 91 of file rte_dev.h.

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