DPDK  22.07.0
Data Fields
rte_cryptodev_cb Struct Reference

#include <rte_cryptodev.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_cryptodev_cbnext
rte_cryptodev_callback_fn fn
void * arg

Detailed Description

Structure used to hold information about the callbacks to be called for a queue pair on enqueue/dequeue.

Definition at line 884 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ next

struct rte_cryptodev_cb* next

Pointer to next callback

Definition at line 885 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

◆ fn

Pointer to callback function

Definition at line 887 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

◆ arg

void* arg

Pointer to argument

Definition at line 889 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

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