DPDK  22.07.0
Data Fields
rte_crypto_asym_xform Struct Reference

#include <rte_crypto_asym.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_crypto_asym_xformnext
enum rte_crypto_asym_xform_type xform_type
struct rte_crypto_rsa_xform rsa
struct rte_crypto_modex_xform modex
struct rte_crypto_modinv_xform modinv
struct rte_crypto_dh_xform dh
struct rte_crypto_dsa_xform dsa
struct rte_crypto_ec_xform ec

Detailed Description

Asymmetric crypto transform data

Structure describing asym xforms.

Definition at line 610 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

Field Documentation

◆ next

struct rte_crypto_asym_xform* next

Pointer to next xform to set up xform chain.

Definition at line 611 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ xform_type

enum rte_crypto_asym_xform_type xform_type

Asymmetric crypto transform

Definition at line 613 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ rsa

RSA xform parameters

Definition at line 618 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ modex

struct rte_crypto_modex_xform modex

Modular Exponentiation xform parameters

Definition at line 621 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ modinv

struct rte_crypto_modinv_xform modinv

Modular Multiplicative Inverse xform parameters

Definition at line 624 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ dh

DH xform parameters

Definition at line 627 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ dsa

DSA xform parameters

Definition at line 630 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

◆ ec

EC xform parameters, used by elliptic curve based operations.

Definition at line 633 of file rte_crypto_asym.h.

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