DPDK  21.08.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_rxseg_split Struct Reference

#include <rte_ethdev.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_mempoolmp
uint16_t length
uint16_t offset
uint32_t reserved

Detailed Description

EXPERIMENTAL: this structure may change without prior notice.

A structure used to configure an Rx packet segment to split.

If RTE_ETH_RX_OFFLOAD_BUFFER_SPLIT flag is set in offloads field, the PMD will split the received packets into multiple segments according to the specification in the description array:

Definition at line 1022 of file rte_ethdev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mp

struct rte_mempool* mp

Memory pool to allocate segment from.

Definition at line 1023 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ length

uint16_t length

Segment data length, configures split point.

Definition at line 1024 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ offset

uint16_t offset

Data offset from beginning of mbuf data buffer.

Definition at line 1025 of file rte_ethdev.h.

◆ reserved

uint32_t reserved

Reserved field.

Definition at line 1026 of file rte_ethdev.h.

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