DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_security_pdcp_xform Struct Reference

#include <rte_security.h>

Data Fields

int8_t bearer
uint8_t en_ordering
uint8_t remove_duplicates
enum rte_security_pdcp_domain domain
enum rte_security_pdcp_direction pkt_dir
enum rte_security_pdcp_sn_size sn_size
uint32_t hfn
uint32_t hfn_threshold
uint8_t hfn_ovrd
uint8_t sdap_enabled
uint16_t reserved

Detailed Description

PDCP security association configuration data.

This structure contains data required to create a PDCP security session.

Definition at line 263 of file rte_security.h.

Field Documentation

int8_t bearer

PDCP bearer ID

Definition at line 264 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t en_ordering

Enable in order delivery, this field shall be set only if driver/HW is capable. See RTE_SECURITY_PDCP_ORDERING_CAP.

Definition at line 268 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t remove_duplicates

Notify driver/HW to detect and remove duplicate packets. This field should be set only when driver/hw is capable. See RTE_SECURITY_PDCP_DUP_DETECT_CAP.

Definition at line 273 of file rte_security.h.

PDCP mode of operation: Control or data

Definition at line 275 of file rte_security.h.

PDCP Frame Direction 0:UL 1:DL

Definition at line 277 of file rte_security.h.

Sequence number size, 5/7/12/15/18

Definition at line 279 of file rte_security.h.

uint32_t hfn

Starting Hyper Frame Number to be used together with the SN from the PDCP frames

Definition at line 283 of file rte_security.h.

uint32_t hfn_threshold

HFN Threshold for key renegotiation

Definition at line 285 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t hfn_ovrd

HFN can be given as a per packet value also. As we do not have IV in case of PDCP, and HFN is used to generate IV. IV field can be used to get the per packet HFN while enq/deq. If hfn_ovrd field is set, user is expected to set the per packet HFN in place of IV. PMDs will extract the HFN and perform operations accordingly.

Definition at line 294 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t sdap_enabled

In case of 5G NR, a new protocol (SDAP) header may be set inside PDCP payload which should be authenticated but not encrypted. Hence, driver should be notified if SDAP is enabled or not, so that SDAP header is not encrypted.

Definition at line 300 of file rte_security.h.

uint16_t reserved

Reserved for future

Definition at line 302 of file rte_security.h.

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