DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_flow_item_icmp6_nd_ns Struct Reference

#include <rte_flow.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
uint8_t code
rte_be16_t checksum
rte_be32_t reserved
uint8_t target_addr [16]

Detailed Description


Matches an ICMPv6 neighbor discovery solicitation.

Definition at line 1248 of file rte_flow.h.

Field Documentation

uint8_t type

ICMPv6 type, normally 135.

Definition at line 1249 of file rte_flow.h.

uint8_t code

ICMPv6 code, normally 0.

Definition at line 1250 of file rte_flow.h.

rte_be16_t checksum

ICMPv6 checksum.

Definition at line 1251 of file rte_flow.h.

rte_be32_t reserved

Reserved, normally 0.

Definition at line 1252 of file rte_flow.h.

uint8_t target_addr[16]

Target address.

Definition at line 1253 of file rte_flow.h.

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