DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_flow_item_eth Struct Reference

#include <rte_flow.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_ether_addr dst
struct rte_ether_addr src
rte_be16_t type
uint32_t has_vlan:1
uint32_t reserved:31

Detailed Description


Matches an Ethernet header.

The type field either stands for "EtherType" or "TPID" when followed by so-called layer 2.5 pattern items such as RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_VLAN. In the latter case, type refers to that of the outer header, with the inner EtherType/TPID provided by the subsequent pattern item. This is the same order as on the wire. If the type field contains a TPID value, then only tagged packets with the specified TPID will match the pattern. The field has_vlan can be used to match any type of tagged packets, instead of using the type field. If the type and has_vlan fields are not specified, then both tagged and untagged packets will match the pattern.

Definition at line 743 of file rte_flow.h.

Field Documentation

struct rte_ether_addr dst

Destination MAC.

Definition at line 744 of file rte_flow.h.

struct rte_ether_addr src

Source MAC.

Definition at line 745 of file rte_flow.h.

rte_be16_t type

EtherType or TPID.

Definition at line 746 of file rte_flow.h.

uint32_t has_vlan

Packet header contains at least one VLAN.

Definition at line 747 of file rte_flow.h.

uint32_t reserved

Reserved, must be zero.

Definition at line 748 of file rte_flow.h.

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