DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_cryptodev_ops Struct Reference

#include <rte_cryptodev_pmd.h>

Data Fields

cryptodev_configure_t dev_configure
cryptodev_start_t dev_start
cryptodev_stop_t dev_stop
cryptodev_close_t dev_close
cryptodev_info_get_t dev_infos_get
cryptodev_stats_get_t stats_get
cryptodev_stats_reset_t stats_reset
cryptodev_queue_pair_setup_t queue_pair_setup
cryptodev_queue_pair_release_t queue_pair_release
cryptodev_sym_get_session_private_size_t sym_session_get_size
cryptodev_asym_get_session_private_size_t asym_session_get_size
cryptodev_sym_configure_session_t sym_session_configure
cryptodev_asym_configure_session_t asym_session_configure
cryptodev_sym_free_session_t sym_session_clear
cryptodev_asym_free_session_t asym_session_clear
cryptodev_sym_cpu_crypto_process_t sym_cpu_process
cryptodev_sym_get_raw_dp_ctx_size_t sym_get_raw_dp_ctx_size
cryptodev_sym_configure_raw_dp_ctx_t sym_configure_raw_dp_ctx

Detailed Description

Crypto device operations function pointer table

Definition at line 358 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

Field Documentation

cryptodev_configure_t dev_configure

Configure device.

Definition at line 359 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_start_t dev_start

Start device.

Definition at line 360 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_stop_t dev_stop

Stop device.

Definition at line 361 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_close_t dev_close

Close device.

Definition at line 362 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_info_get_t dev_infos_get

Get device info.

Definition at line 364 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

Get device statistics.

Definition at line 366 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

Reset device statistics.

Definition at line 368 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_queue_pair_setup_t queue_pair_setup

Set up a device queue pair.

Definition at line 371 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_queue_pair_release_t queue_pair_release

Release a queue pair.


Definition at line 373 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

Return private session.

Definition at line 376 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

Return asym session private size.

Definition at line 378 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_sym_configure_session_t sym_session_configure

Configure a Crypto session.

Definition at line 380 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_asym_configure_session_t asym_session_configure

Configure asymmetric Crypto session.

Definition at line 382 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_sym_free_session_t sym_session_clear

Clear a Crypto sessions private data.

Definition at line 384 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_asym_free_session_t asym_session_clear

Clear a Crypto sessions private data.

Definition at line 386 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

process input data synchronously (cpu-crypto).

Definition at line 389 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_sym_get_raw_dp_ctx_size_t sym_get_raw_dp_ctx_size

Get raw data path service context data size.

Definition at line 394 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

cryptodev_sym_configure_raw_dp_ctx_t sym_configure_raw_dp_ctx

Initialize raw data path context data.

Definition at line 397 of file rte_cryptodev_pmd.h.

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