DPDK  21.02.0
Data Fields
rte_bbdev_driver_info Struct Reference

#include <rte_bbdev.h>

Data Fields

const char * driver_name
unsigned int max_num_queues
uint32_t queue_size_lim
bool hardware_accelerated
uint8_t max_dl_queue_priority
uint8_t max_ul_queue_priority
bool queue_intr_supported
uint16_t min_alignment
uint32_t harq_buffer_size
struct rte_bbdev_queue_conf default_queue_conf
const struct rte_bbdev_op_capcapabilities
enum rte_cpu_flag_t * cpu_flag_reqs

Detailed Description

Device information supplied by the device's driver

Definition at line 292 of file rte_bbdev.h.

Field Documentation

const char* driver_name

Driver name

Definition at line 294 of file rte_bbdev.h.

unsigned int max_num_queues

Maximum number of queues supported by the device

Definition at line 297 of file rte_bbdev.h.

uint32_t queue_size_lim

Queue size limit (queue size must also be power of 2)


Definition at line 299 of file rte_bbdev.h.

bool hardware_accelerated

Set if device off-loads operation to hardware

Definition at line 301 of file rte_bbdev.h.

uint8_t max_dl_queue_priority

Max value supported by queue priority for DL

Definition at line 303 of file rte_bbdev.h.

uint8_t max_ul_queue_priority

Max value supported by queue priority for UL

Definition at line 305 of file rte_bbdev.h.

bool queue_intr_supported

Set if device supports per-queue interrupts

Definition at line 307 of file rte_bbdev.h.

uint16_t min_alignment

Minimum alignment of buffers, in bytes

Definition at line 309 of file rte_bbdev.h.

uint32_t harq_buffer_size

HARQ memory available in kB

Definition at line 311 of file rte_bbdev.h.

struct rte_bbdev_queue_conf default_queue_conf

Default queue configuration used if none is supplied

Definition at line 313 of file rte_bbdev.h.

const struct rte_bbdev_op_cap* capabilities

Device operation capabilities

Definition at line 315 of file rte_bbdev.h.

enum rte_cpu_flag_t* cpu_flag_reqs

Device cpu_flag requirements

Definition at line 317 of file rte_bbdev.h.

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