DPDK  20.11.10
Data Fields
rte_security_ipsec_tunnel_param Struct Reference

#include <rte_security.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_security_ipsec_tunnel_type type
struct in_addr src_ip
struct in_addr dst_ip
uint8_t dscp
uint8_t df
uint8_t ttl
struct {
   struct in_addr   src_ip
   struct in_addr   dst_ip
   uint8_t   dscp
   uint8_t   df
   uint8_t   ttl
struct in6_addr src_addr
struct in6_addr dst_addr
uint32_t flabel
uint8_t hlimit
struct {
   struct in6_addr   src_addr
   struct in6_addr   dst_addr
   uint8_t   dscp
   uint32_t   flabel
   uint8_t   hlimit

Detailed Description

IPSEC tunnel parameters

These parameters are used to build outbound tunnel headers.


Definition at line 81 of file rte_security.h.

Field Documentation

◆ type

Tunnel type: IPv4 or IPv6

examples/ipsec-secgw/ipsec.c, and examples/ipsec-secgw/sa.c.

Definition at line 82 of file rte_security.h.

◆ src_ip

struct in_addr src_ip

IPv4 source address

Definition at line 87 of file rte_security.h.

◆ dst_ip

struct in_addr dst_ip

IPv4 destination address

Definition at line 89 of file rte_security.h.

◆ dscp

uint8_t dscp

IPv4 Differentiated Services Code Point

IPv6 Differentiated Services Code Point

Definition at line 91 of file rte_security.h.

◆ df

uint8_t df

IPv4 Don't Fragment bit

Definition at line 93 of file rte_security.h.

◆ ttl

uint8_t ttl

IPv4 Time To Live

Definition at line 95 of file rte_security.h.

◆ ipv4

struct { ... } ipv4

IPv4 header parameters


◆ src_addr

struct in6_addr src_addr

IPv6 source address

Definition at line 100 of file rte_security.h.

◆ dst_addr

struct in6_addr dst_addr

IPv6 destination address

Definition at line 102 of file rte_security.h.

◆ flabel

uint32_t flabel

IPv6 flow label

Definition at line 106 of file rte_security.h.

◆ hlimit

uint8_t hlimit

IPv6 hop limit

Definition at line 108 of file rte_security.h.

◆ ipv6

struct { ... } ipv6

IPv6 header parameters


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