DPDK  20.11.10
rte_reorder.h File Reference
#include <rte_mbuf.h>
#include <rte_mbuf_dyn.h>

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static __rte_experimental rte_reorder_seqn_t * rte_reorder_seqn (struct rte_mbuf *mbuf)
struct rte_reorder_buffer * rte_reorder_create (const char *name, unsigned socket_id, unsigned int size)
struct rte_reorder_buffer * rte_reorder_init (struct rte_reorder_buffer *b, unsigned int bufsize, const char *name, unsigned int size)
struct rte_reorder_buffer * rte_reorder_find_existing (const char *name)
void rte_reorder_reset (struct rte_reorder_buffer *b)
void rte_reorder_free (struct rte_reorder_buffer *b)
int rte_reorder_insert (struct rte_reorder_buffer *b, struct rte_mbuf *mbuf)
unsigned int rte_reorder_drain (struct rte_reorder_buffer *b, struct rte_mbuf **mbufs, unsigned max_mbufs)

Detailed Description

RTE reorder

Reorder library is a component which is designed to provide ordering of out of ordered packets based on sequence number present in mbuf.

Definition in file rte_reorder.h.

Function Documentation

◆ rte_reorder_seqn()

static __rte_experimental rte_reorder_seqn_t* rte_reorder_seqn ( struct rte_mbuf mbuf)
EXPERIMENTAL: this API may change without prior notice

Read reorder sequence number from mbuf.

mbufStructure to read from.
pointer to reorder sequence number.

Definition at line 41 of file rte_reorder.h.

◆ rte_reorder_create()

struct rte_reorder_buffer* rte_reorder_create ( const char *  name,
unsigned  socket_id,
unsigned int  size 

Create a new reorder buffer instance

Allocate memory and initialize a new reorder buffer in that memory, returning the reorder buffer pointer to the user

nameThe name to be given to the reorder buffer instance.
socket_idThe NUMA node on which the memory for the reorder buffer instance is to be reserved.
sizeMax number of elements that can be stored in the reorder buffer
The initialized reorder buffer instance, or NULL on error On error case, rte_errno will be set appropriately:
  • ENOMEM - no appropriate memory area found in which to create memzone
  • EINVAL - invalid parameters

◆ rte_reorder_init()

struct rte_reorder_buffer* rte_reorder_init ( struct rte_reorder_buffer *  b,
unsigned int  bufsize,
const char *  name,
unsigned int  size 

Initializes given reorder buffer instance

bReorder buffer instance to initialize
bufsizeSize of the reorder buffer
nameThe name to be given to the reorder buffer
sizeNumber of elements that can be stored in reorder buffer
The initialized reorder buffer instance, or NULL on error On error case, rte_errno will be set appropriately:
  • EINVAL - invalid parameters
  • ENOMEM - not enough memory to register dynamic field

◆ rte_reorder_find_existing()

struct rte_reorder_buffer* rte_reorder_find_existing ( const char *  name)

Find an existing reorder buffer instance and return a pointer to it.

nameName of the reorder buffer instance as passed to rte_reorder_create()
Pointer to reorder buffer instance or NULL if object not found with rte_errno set appropriately. Possible rte_errno values include:
  • ENOENT - required entry not available to return. reorder instance list

◆ rte_reorder_reset()

void rte_reorder_reset ( struct rte_reorder_buffer *  b)

Reset the given reorder buffer instance with initial values.

bReorder buffer instance which has to be reset

◆ rte_reorder_free()

void rte_reorder_free ( struct rte_reorder_buffer *  b)

Free reorder buffer instance.

breorder buffer instance

◆ rte_reorder_insert()

int rte_reorder_insert ( struct rte_reorder_buffer *  b,
struct rte_mbuf mbuf 

Insert given mbuf in reorder buffer in its correct position

The given mbuf is to be reordered relative to other mbufs in the system. The mbuf must contain a sequence number which is then used to place the buffer in the correct position in the reorder buffer. Reordered packets can later be taken from the buffer using the rte_reorder_drain() API.

bReorder buffer where the mbuf has to be inserted.
mbufmbuf of packet that needs to be inserted in reorder buffer.
0 on success -1 on error On error case, rte_errno will be set appropriately:
  • ENOSPC - Cannot move existing mbufs from reorder buffer to accommodate early mbuf, but it can be accommodated by performing drain and then insert.
  • ERANGE - Too early or late mbuf which is vastly out of range of expected window should be ignored without any handling.

◆ rte_reorder_drain()

unsigned int rte_reorder_drain ( struct rte_reorder_buffer *  b,
struct rte_mbuf **  mbufs,
unsigned  max_mbufs 

Fetch reordered buffers

Returns a set of in-order buffers from the reorder buffer structure. Gaps may be present in the sequence numbers of the mbuf if packets have been delayed too long before reaching the reorder window, or have been previously dropped by the system.

bReorder buffer instance from which packets are to be drained
mbufsarray of mbufs where reordered packets will be inserted from reorder buffer
max_mbufsthe number of elements in the mbufs array.
number of mbuf pointers written to mbufs. 0 <= N < max_mbufs.