DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_tunnel_filter_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_ctrl.h>

Data Fields

struct ether_addrouter_mac
struct ether_addrinner_mac
uint16_t inner_vlan
enum rte_tunnel_iptype ip_type
union {
   uint32_t   ipv4_addr
   uint32_t   ipv6_addr [4]
uint16_t filter_type
enum rte_eth_tunnel_type tunnel_type
uint16_t queue_id

Detailed Description

Tunneling Packet filter configuration.

Field Documentation

uint16_t filter_type

Filter type.

struct ether_addr* inner_mac

Inner MAC address filter.

uint16_t inner_vlan

Inner VLAN filter.

union { ... } ip_addr

IPv4/IPv6 source address to match (union of above).

enum rte_tunnel_iptype ip_type

IP address type.

uint32_t ipv4_addr

IPv4 source address to match.

uint32_t ipv6_addr[4]

IPv6 source address to match.

struct ether_addr* outer_mac

Outer MAC address filter.

uint16_t queue_id

< Tenant number.

enum rte_eth_tunnel_type tunnel_type

Tunnel Type.

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