DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_rxmode Struct Reference

#include <rte_ethdev.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_eth_rx_mq_mode mq_mode
uint32_t max_rx_pkt_len
uint16_t split_hdr_size
uint8_t header_split: 1
uint8_t hw_ip_checksum: 1
uint8_t hw_vlan_filter: 1
uint8_t hw_vlan_strip: 1
uint8_t hw_vlan_extend: 1
uint8_t jumbo_frame: 1
uint8_t hw_strip_crc: 1
uint8_t enable_scatter: 1

Detailed Description

A structure used to configure the RX features of an Ethernet port.

Field Documentation

uint8_t enable_scatter

Enable scatter packets rx handler

uint8_t header_split

Header Split enable.

uint8_t hw_ip_checksum

IP/UDP/TCP checksum offload enable.

uint8_t hw_strip_crc

Enable CRC stripping by hardware.

uint8_t hw_vlan_extend

Extended VLAN enable.

uint8_t hw_vlan_filter

VLAN filter enable.

uint8_t hw_vlan_strip

VLAN strip enable.

uint8_t jumbo_frame

Jumbo Frame Receipt enable.

uint32_t max_rx_pkt_len

Only used if jumbo_frame enabled.

enum rte_eth_rx_mq_mode mq_mode

The multi-queue packet distribution mode to be used, e.g. RSS.

uint16_t split_hdr_size

hdr buf size (header_split enabled).

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