DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_fdir_info Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_ctrl.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_fdir_mode mode
struct rte_eth_fdir_flex_conf flex_conf
uint32_t guarant_spc
uint32_t best_spc
uint32_t flow_types_mask [RTE_FLOW_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]
uint32_t max_flexpayload
uint32_t flex_payload_unit
uint32_t max_flex_payload_segment_num
uint16_t flex_payload_limit
uint32_t flex_bitmask_unit
uint32_t max_flex_bitmask_num

Detailed Description

A structure used to get the information of flow director filter. It supports RTE_ETH_FILTER_FDIR with RTE_ETH_FILTER_INFO operation. It includes the mode, flexible payload configuration information, capabilities and supported flow types, flexible payload characters. It can be gotten to help taking specific configurations per device.

Field Documentation

uint32_t best_spc

Best effort spaces.

uint32_t flex_bitmask_unit

Flex bitmask unit in bytes. Size of flex bitmasks should be a multiply of this value.

struct rte_eth_fdir_flex_conf flex_conf

Flex payload configuration information

uint16_t flex_payload_limit

Maximum src_offset in bytes allowed. It indicates that src_offset[i] in struct rte_eth_flex_payload_cfg should be less than this value.

uint32_t flex_payload_unit

Flexible payload unit in bytes. Size and alignments of all flex payload segments should be multiplies of this value.

uint32_t flow_types_mask[RTE_FLOW_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]

Bit mask for every supported flow type.

uint32_t guarant_spc

Guaranteed spaces.

uint32_t max_flex_bitmask_num

Max supported size of flex bitmasks in flex_bitmask_unit

uint32_t max_flex_payload_segment_num

Max number of flexible payload continuous segments. Each segment should be a multiple of flex_payload_unit.

uint32_t max_flexpayload

Total flex payload in bytes.

enum rte_fdir_mode mode

Flow director mode

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