DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_eth_fdir Struct Reference

#include <rte_ethdev.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t collision
uint16_t free
uint16_t maxhash
uint8_t maxlen
uint64_t add
uint64_t remove
uint64_t f_add
uint64_t f_remove

Detailed Description

A structure used to report the status of the flow director filters in use.

Field Documentation

uint64_t add

Number of added filters.

uint16_t collision

Number of filters with collision indication.

uint64_t f_add

Number of failed added filters (no more space in device).

uint64_t f_remove

Number of failed removed filters.

uint16_t free

Number of free (non programmed) filters.

uint16_t maxhash

The Lookup hash value of the added filter that updated the value of the MAXLEN field

uint8_t maxlen

Longest linked list of filters in the table.

uint64_t remove

Number of removed filters.

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