DPDK  2.0.0
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rte_devargs Struct Reference

#include <rte_devargs.h>

Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (rte_devargs) next

Data Fields

enum rte_devtype type
char * args
struct rte_pci_addr addr
struct {
   struct rte_pci_addr   addr
char drv_name [32]
struct {
   char   drv_name [32]

Detailed Description

Structure that stores a device given by the user with its arguments

A user device is a physical or a virtual device given by the user to the DPDK application at startup through command line arguments.

The structure stores the configuration of the device, its PCI identifier if it's a PCI device or the driver name if it's a virtual device.

Member Function Documentation

TAILQ_ENTRY ( rte_devargs  )

Next in list.

Field Documentation

struct rte_pci_addr addr

PCI location.

char* args

Arguments string as given by user or "" for no argument.

char drv_name[32]

Driver name.

struct { ... } pci

Used if type is RTE_DEVTYPE_*_PCI.

enum rte_devtype type

Type of device.

struct { ... } virtual

Used if type is RTE_DEVTYPE_VIRTUAL.

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