DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_config Struct Reference

#include <rte_eal.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t master_lcore
uint32_t lcore_count
enum rte_lcore_role_t lcore_role [RTE_MAX_LCORE]
enum rte_proc_type_t process_type
struct rte_mem_configmem_config

Detailed Description

The global RTE configuration structure.

Field Documentation

uint32_t lcore_count

Number of available logical cores.

enum rte_lcore_role_t lcore_role[RTE_MAX_LCORE]

State of cores.

uint32_t master_lcore

Id of the master lcore

struct rte_mem_config* mem_config

Pointer to memory configuration, which may be shared across multiple Intel DPDK instances

enum rte_proc_type_t process_type

Primary or secondary configuration

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