DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
rte_acl_ipv4vlan_rule Struct Reference

#include <rte_acl.h>

Data Fields

struct rte_acl_rule_data data
uint8_t proto
uint8_t proto_mask
uint16_t vlan
uint16_t vlan_mask
uint16_t domain
uint16_t domain_mask
uint32_t src_addr
uint32_t src_mask_len
uint32_t dst_addr
uint32_t dst_mask_len
uint16_t src_port_low
uint16_t src_port_high
uint16_t dst_port_low
uint16_t dst_port_high

Detailed Description

Legacy support for 7-tuple IPv4 and VLAN rule. This structure and corresponding API is deprecated.

Field Documentation

struct rte_acl_rule_data data

Miscellaneous data for the rule.

uint16_t domain

VLAN domain.

uint16_t domain_mask

VLAN domain mask.

uint32_t dst_addr

IPv4 destination address.

uint32_t dst_mask_len

IPv4 destination address mask.

uint16_t dst_port_high

L4 destination port high.

uint16_t dst_port_low

L4 destination port low.

uint8_t proto

IPv4 protocol ID.

uint8_t proto_mask

IPv4 protocol ID mask.

uint32_t src_addr

IPv4 source address.

uint32_t src_mask_len

IPv4 source address mask.

uint16_t src_port_high

L4 source port high.

uint16_t src_port_low

L4 source port low.

uint16_t vlan


uint16_t vlan_mask

VLAN ID mask.

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