DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
port Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_bond_8023ad_private.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t actor_state
struct port_params actor
uint8_t partner_state
struct port_params partner
uint16_t sm_flags
uint16_t aggregator_port_id
struct rte_mempoolmbuf_pool
struct rte_ringrx_ring
struct rte_ringtx_ring
volatile uint64_t rx_marker_timer

Detailed Description

Variables associated with each port (5.4.7 in 802.1AX documentation).

Field Documentation

struct port_params actor

The operational Actor's port parameters

uint8_t actor_state

The operational values of the Actor's state parameters. Bitmask of port states.

uint16_t aggregator_port_id

Used aggregator port ID

struct rte_mempool* mbuf_pool

Memory pool used to allocate rings

struct port_params partner

The operational Partner's port parameters

uint8_t partner_state

The operational value of the Actor's view of the current values of the Partner's state parameters. The Actor sets this variable either to the value received from the Partner in an LACPDU, or to the value of Partner_Admin_Port_State. Bitmask of port states.

volatile uint64_t rx_marker_timer

Timer which is also used as mutex. If is 0 (not running) RX marker packet might be responded. Otherwise shall be dropped. It is zeroed in mode 4 callback function after expire.

struct rte_ring* rx_ring

Ring of LACP packets from RX burst function

uint16_t sm_flags

State machine flags

struct rte_ring* tx_ring

Ring of slow protocol packets (LACP and MARKERS) to TX burst function

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