DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
ipv6_extension_fragment Struct Reference

#include <rte_ip_frag.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t next_header
uint8_t reserved1
uint32_t id
uint16_t frag_offset:13
uint16_t reserved2:2
uint16_t more_frags:1
uint16_t frag_data

Detailed Description

IPv6 fragment extension header

Field Documentation

uint16_t frag_data

union of all fragmentation data

uint16_t frag_offset

Offset from the start of the packet

uint32_t id

Packet ID

uint16_t more_frags

1 if more fragments left, 0 if last fragment

uint8_t next_header

Next header type

uint8_t reserved1


uint16_t reserved2


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