DPDK  2.0.0
Data Fields
bond_dev_private Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_bond_private.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t port_id
uint8_t mode
uint8_t primary_port
uint8_t current_primary_port
uint8_t user_defined_primary_port
uint8_t balance_xmit_policy
xmit_hash_t xmit_hash
uint8_t user_defined_mac
uint8_t promiscuous_en
uint8_t link_props_set
uint16_t nb_rx_queues
uint16_t nb_tx_queues
uint8_t active_slave_count
uint8_t active_slaves [RTE_MAX_ETHPORTS]
uint8_t slave_count
struct bond_slave_details slaves [RTE_MAX_ETHPORTS]
uint32_t tx_offload_capa
struct rte_kvargskvlist

Detailed Description

Link Bonding PMD device private configuration Structure

Field Documentation

uint8_t active_slave_count

Number of active slaves

uint8_t active_slaves[RTE_MAX_ETHPORTS]

Active slave list

uint8_t balance_xmit_policy

Transmit policy - l2 / l23 / l34 for operation in balance mode

uint8_t current_primary_port

Primary Slave Port

struct rte_kvargs* kvlist

Tx offload capability

uint8_t link_props_set

flag to denote if the link properties are set

uint8_t mode

Link Bonding Mode

uint16_t nb_rx_queues

Total number of rx queues

uint16_t nb_tx_queues

Total number of tx queues

uint8_t port_id

Port Id of Bonded Port

uint8_t primary_port

Primary Slave Port

uint8_t promiscuous_en

Enabled/disable promiscuous mode on bonding device

uint8_t slave_count

Number of bonded slaves

struct bond_slave_details slaves[RTE_MAX_ETHPORTS]

Arary of bonded slaves details

uint32_t tx_offload_capa

Rx offload capability

uint8_t user_defined_mac

Flag for whether MAC address is user defined or not

uint8_t user_defined_primary_port

Flag for whether primary port is user defined or not

xmit_hash_t xmit_hash

Transmit policy hash function

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