DPDK  19.11.14
Data Fields
rte_cryptodev_sym_session Struct Reference

#include <rte_cryptodev.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t opaque_data
uint16_t nb_drivers
uint16_t user_data_sz
struct {
sess_data [0]

Detailed Description

Cryptodev symmetric crypto session Each session is derived from a fixed xform chain. Therefore each session has a fixed algo, key, op-type, digest_len etc.

examples/fips_validation/fips_dev_self_test.c, examples/fips_validation/main.c, and examples/l2fwd-crypto/main.c.

Definition at line 974 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

Field Documentation

◆ opaque_data

uint64_t opaque_data

Can be used for external metadata

Definition at line 975 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

◆ nb_drivers

uint16_t nb_drivers

number of elements in sess_data array

Definition at line 977 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

◆ user_data_sz

uint16_t user_data_sz

session user data will be placed after sess_data

Definition at line 979 of file rte_cryptodev.h.

◆ sess_data

__extension__ { ... } sess_data[0]

Driver specific session material, variable size

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