DPDK  19.11.14
Public Member Functions | Data Fields
rte_bus Struct Reference

#include <rte_bus.h>

Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (rte_bus) next

Data Fields

const char * name
rte_bus_scan_t scan
rte_bus_probe_t probe
rte_bus_find_device_t find_device
rte_bus_plug_t plug
rte_bus_unplug_t unplug
rte_bus_parse_t parse
rte_dev_dma_map_t dma_map
rte_dev_dma_unmap_t dma_unmap
struct rte_bus_conf conf
rte_bus_get_iommu_class_t get_iommu_class
rte_dev_iterate_t dev_iterate
rte_bus_hot_unplug_handler_t hot_unplug_handler
rte_bus_sigbus_handler_t sigbus_handler

Detailed Description

A structure describing a generic bus.

examples/ethtool/lib/rte_ethtool.c, and examples/ip_pipeline/kni.c.

Definition at line 246 of file rte_bus.h.

Member Function Documentation


TAILQ_ENTRY ( rte_bus  )

Next bus object in linked list

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* name

◆ scan

Scan for devices attached to bus

Definition at line 249 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ probe

Probe devices on bus

Definition at line 250 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ find_device

rte_bus_find_device_t find_device

Find a device on the bus

Definition at line 251 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ plug

Probe single device for drivers

Definition at line 252 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ unplug

Remove single device from driver

Definition at line 253 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ parse

Parse a device name

Definition at line 254 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ dma_map

DMA map for device in the bus

Definition at line 255 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ dma_unmap

DMA unmap for device in the bus

Definition at line 256 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ conf

struct rte_bus_conf conf

Bus configuration

Definition at line 257 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ get_iommu_class

rte_bus_get_iommu_class_t get_iommu_class

Get iommu class

Definition at line 258 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ dev_iterate

rte_dev_iterate_t dev_iterate

Device iterator.

Definition at line 259 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ hot_unplug_handler

rte_bus_hot_unplug_handler_t hot_unplug_handler

handle hot-unplug failure on the bus

Definition at line 260 of file rte_bus.h.

◆ sigbus_handler

rte_bus_sigbus_handler_t sigbus_handler

handle sigbus error on the bus

Definition at line 262 of file rte_bus.h.

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