DPDK  19.08.2
Data Fields
rte_security_pdcp_xform Struct Reference

#include <rte_security.h>

Data Fields

int8_t bearer
uint8_t en_ordering
uint8_t remove_duplicates
enum rte_security_pdcp_domain domain
enum rte_security_pdcp_direction pkt_dir
enum rte_security_pdcp_sn_size sn_size
uint32_t hfn
uint32_t hfn_threshold

Detailed Description

PDCP security association configuration data.

This structure contains data required to create a PDCP security session.

Definition at line 250 of file rte_security.h.

Field Documentation

int8_t bearer

PDCP bearer ID

Definition at line 251 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t en_ordering

Enable in order delivery, this field shall be set only if driver/HW is capable. See RTE_SECURITY_PDCP_ORDERING_CAP.

Definition at line 255 of file rte_security.h.

uint8_t remove_duplicates

Notify driver/HW to detect and remove duplicate packets. This field should be set only when driver/hw is capable. See RTE_SECURITY_PDCP_DUP_DETECT_CAP.

Definition at line 260 of file rte_security.h.

PDCP mode of operation: Control or data

Definition at line 262 of file rte_security.h.

PDCP Frame Direction 0:UL 1:DL

Definition at line 264 of file rte_security.h.

Sequence number size, 5/7/12/15/18

Definition at line 266 of file rte_security.h.

uint32_t hfn

Starting Hyper Frame Number to be used together with the SN from the PDCP frames

Definition at line 270 of file rte_security.h.

uint32_t hfn_threshold

HFN Threshold for key renegotiation

Definition at line 272 of file rte_security.h.

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