DPDK  19.08.2
Data Fields
rte_eth_hash_global_conf Struct Reference

#include <rte_eth_ctrl.h>

Data Fields

enum rte_eth_hash_function hash_func
uint64_t sym_hash_enable_mask [RTE_SYM_HASH_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]
uint64_t valid_bit_mask [RTE_SYM_HASH_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]

Detailed Description

A structure used to set or get global hash function configurations which include symmetric hash enable per flow type and hash function type. Each bit in sym_hash_enable_mask[] indicates if the symmetric hash of the corresponding flow type is enabled or not. Each bit in valid_bit_mask[] indicates if the corresponding bit in sym_hash_enable_mask[] is valid or not. For the configurations gotten, it also means if the flow type is supported by hardware or not.

Definition at line 723 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

Field Documentation

enum rte_eth_hash_function hash_func

Hash function type

Definition at line 724 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

uint64_t sym_hash_enable_mask[RTE_SYM_HASH_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]

Bit mask for symmetric hash enable per flow type

Definition at line 726 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

uint64_t valid_bit_mask[RTE_SYM_HASH_MASK_ARRAY_SIZE]

Bit mask indicates if the corresponding bit is valid

Definition at line 728 of file rte_eth_ctrl.h.

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