DPDK  19.08.2
Data Fields
rte_bbdev_op_cap_ldpc_dec Struct Reference

#include <rte_bbdev_op.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t capability_flags
int8_t llr_size
int8_t llr_decimals
uint16_t harq_memory_size
uint16_t num_buffers_src
uint16_t num_buffers_hard_out
uint16_t num_buffers_soft_out

Detailed Description

List of the capabilities for the LDPC Decoder

Definition at line 700 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t capability_flags

Flags from rte_bbdev_op_ldpcdec_flag_bitmasks

Definition at line 702 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

int8_t llr_size

LLR size in bits. LLR is a two’s complement number.

Definition at line 704 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

int8_t llr_decimals

LLR numbers of decimals bit for arithmetic representation

Definition at line 706 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

uint16_t harq_memory_size

Amount of memory for HARQ in external DDR in MB

Definition at line 708 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

uint16_t num_buffers_src

Num input code block buffers

Definition at line 710 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

uint16_t num_buffers_hard_out

Num hard output code block buffers

Definition at line 712 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

uint16_t num_buffers_soft_out

Num soft output code block buffers if supported by the driver

Definition at line 714 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

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