DPDK  19.08.2
Data Fields
rte_bbdev_enc_op Struct Reference

#include <rte_bbdev_op.h>

Data Fields

int status
struct rte_mempoolmempool
struct rte_bbdev_op_turbo_enc turbo_enc
struct rte_bbdev_op_ldpc_enc ldpc_enc

Detailed Description

Structure specifying a single encode operation


Definition at line 746 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

Field Documentation

int status

< Status of operation that was performed Mempool which op instance is in

Definition at line 748 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

struct rte_mempool* mempool

Opaque pointer for user data

Definition at line 750 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

struct rte_bbdev_op_turbo_enc turbo_enc

Contains turbo decoder specific parameters


Definition at line 755 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

struct rte_bbdev_op_ldpc_enc ldpc_enc

Contains LDPC decoder specific parameters

Definition at line 757 of file rte_bbdev_op.h.

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